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that could weaken the power of unions. [chanting] >> this is new video of the protesters this morning. the bill would make it voluntary for workers to join unions. they could not be forced to pay dues even though the union would still bargain on their behalf. >> you will have people that will be working right alongside you that will not have to pay union dues if you pay union dues but will still be able to get all of the benefits from being a union member. >> shouldn't people have the opportunity to say if they want to belong or not? and i think this could be good for economic development. >> democrats oppose the measure but republicans have a majority in the state legislature so the bill is expected to pass. this is a live look from the newschopper of some of the crowds that have gathered outside of the state capitol there in lancing, michigan. again, thousands of union members gathering to protest the so-called "right to work" legislation and that includes automakers, machinistens and others. a lot of -- machinists, a lot of support there. 23 states already have this right to work l
traffic. union members picketed yesterday on behalf of nonunion members who they say have been mistreated. this coincides around one of the busiest times of the year at the airport. >> this is a busy time of year, a lot of passengers coming in and out of the airport, people will appreciate the work these concession workers do when they can't buy their candy on their way to grandma's house. >> reporter: union members have given a december 17th deadline to address complaints -- by union members. >>> survivors of the attack in pearl harbor will be honor today at the coast guard island in alameda. this tragedy sent the united states into world war ii. today's ceremony will include the arrival of veterans and world war ii era military members. >>> breaking news in the east bay. a car reportedly on fire up in the oakland hills. there's some video -- this was taken about six minutes ago. we're trying to identify particularly that location. you can see for yourself, the smoke billowing from an area in the 13000 block of campus drive. this is near merit college. no word of any injuries. but you ar
in august but an union representing freelance technical employees picketed at a game in los angeles. they wanted to establish standard wages and benefits for freelancers working live sporting events. they had fewer cameras because of the walkout. the pac 12 network said it is focused on an unclues sieve environment. >>> looking to grab a big win today. it gets tougher with tom brady and the new england patriots on the schedule for next sun apsunday night. they will keep an eye on collin kaepernak and they will take them on at 1:05 and if mario can't place because after bad shoulder. >> following "mornings on 2" this morning, it is fox nfl sunday and then cincinnati against the ben gallons. >>> bring a toy with you. volunteers will be at candlestick park collecting unwrapped toys. it is all part of the operation dream toy drive. they will be donateed to thousands of children who live in san francisco public housing. >>> mysterious light in the sky over texas. now a debate over what caused it. >> if you are looking to hit the slopes. things are looking good. we will tell you about the
, unions want to recall the governor after he pushed through two "right to work" laws. [. >> we are michigan! >> reporter: she is union members tried to storm the skate capitol yesterday. but the state police in riot gear, they blocked them. the republican-dominated house ignored democrats who wanted to delay passing those law us. it was passed through a lame- duck session. >> i don't see a need to have a public signing ceremony to overemphasize it. this is about us being michigan people. >> the state of michigan now becomes the 24th right to work state in america. it prevents unions from requiring private or public sector workers to pay dues. >>> just about 20 minutes ago, house speaker john boehner talked about a private phone conversation he had with president obama last night about that fiscal cliff situation. >> there were some offers that were exchanged back and forth yesterday. you know, the president and i had a pretty frank conversation about just how far apart we are. >> now, coming up for you at 7:45, political analysts jamie dupree will tell us about the two words we
. it also filed an unfair labor practice charge against the player yawne union saying its barginned in bad faith. the lock out is in its 91st day, no new negotiations scheduled. >>> and tomorrow's home final for the raiders will be on television. they were given a one day extense to sell out the game. they were able to do so and avoid the second local tv blackout of the season. after tomorrow their final two games on the road at the carolina panthers and san diego chargers. >> you may have noticed prices continue to fall at the pump and there could be more relief next week. experts say gas prices expected to fall to their lowest level of the year by monday the national average is expected to fall below $3.28 a gallon. a combination of high oil prices and supply shortages kept those prices up this year. here in california can the current average region leaded fuel price is $3.57. >>> several holiday toy give aways are scheduled for today. santa is going to hand out gifts at ten at a toy give away hosted by the haywood police department. at 10:30 harley riders will escort santa to the medic
are affiliated with the hospital corporation of america. the nurse's union are at odds over health benefits and sick days. >> back to mike. there we go. >>> row, the waterfront -- redwood city, it served its last meal. dozens of people who live on boats in the harbor will have to leave to make room for a planned parking lot as well as a luxury condo complex. they gathered at the restaurant to say one last good-bye. >> it is sad to this close this place. it is more than a restaurant. it as land mark. institution. >> not just for my family but for a lot of people in redwood city. >> he said he will live on in a new location in redwood city >>> we saw the pictures from the sierra where it is very snowy. and allie has been in the rain and wind. >> rosemary? >> up here and everywhere? >> a break at all if they have the last minute shoping to do today? >> i would say wait. stay indoors. maybe have some breakfast. snuggle up with the kiddos. we will see it pass through and this morning we are being hammered. already, roadway flooding in santa rosa. and bay bridge p advisory, very gusty conditions
negotiations are still possible but no new talks are scheduled. shippers and retailers are pleading the union and cargo carriers to get back to talks. >> this morning police in pennsylvania are trying to determine were a man -- why a man shot and killed three people before dieing in a gun fight with police. it happened in frankstown township. authorities say it appears they all happened at different locations. one woman was found dead inside a church, a man in a home and another after getting in to a car accident with the suspect. >> we have seized weapons, we will be exploring ownership of those weapons, how they were got, when, we will look at which of those weapons was use at which crime scene. >> three troopers were also hurt. one of them was shot twice in the chest but survived because he was wearing a bullet proof vest. >> marin county wants to get violent video games out of homes and guns off the street this are holding a gun buy back and the district attorney said police agencies will also buy back violent video games. he sees it as a way to reduce violence. >> we don't need th
to union city. that traffic is going to be a little bit slow now as you head south. let's go to steve. >>> a very good morning. a little breeze. that's an offshore wind. downtown oakland is 59 -- excuse me. downtown oakland is 60. the airport is 59. there's some areas up in mendocino county, lake county. for some it's mild to warm. for others, cold and patchy. >>> today, sunshine -- >> today, sunshine, lane comes in late, late tus -- late late tuesday, early wednesday. it won't be a lot of rain. nothing like we had a week ago. that's for sure. the cold air is on its way. today, cool, clear, patchy fog. cold to warm. sunny, mild to warm, breezy to windy. some of the higher elevations. a nice weekend and gives way to a nice monday and most, i think about half of tuesday. it's a dry pattern until wednesday and maybe even some low snow levels by the way as we get toward wednesday night. fair field, 30s, santa rosa. oakland, 59 at the airport. dipping below 50 at hayward. oakland/berkeley coming 0 the hills, it's a wind. the gulf alaska is coming into the picture it will be coming right a
could happen by sunday if a deal can't be reached between the major shipping companies and a union representing nearly 15,000 longshoremen. >> the impact would be great. obviously on the dollar value side. on the cargo handling side but also on the job side because again these sports are major economic generators. >> richard of the maryland port administrator and others say the economic damage from a strike would reach well beyond the docks. >> your mom and pop retailer to your farmer to the trucking company that has to pick up the container atmosphere the port. so not just at the port but nationwide for everybody else that relays on the ports to move their commerce. >> coming at the same time as the fiscal cliff impasse it's a potentially devastating one-two punch for the economy. neither the longshoreman's union or alliance representing the shipping companies could give us anyone to speak on camera but they say it boils down to one issue. the key sticking point is over the large containers and the payments they get for them. the shipping companies pay royalties for the containers
at union square. the pep rally has to get everybody excited for the craft fight hunger bowl at at&t park. some 33,000 tickets have been sold for the game between arizona state and navy. this is the only bowl game devoted to a cause. for every ticket sold a meal will be donated to the san francisco meal bank. >> with that kickoff most of the rain will probably be out of here but still a little chilly. >> its going to be a cool winter day and it's chilly this morning. we have the breeze blowing, that means a wind chill effect going on in most cases because most of us in the 40s this morning. mostly cloudy skies and still a little soggy in some cases, giving you a live look at the overcast. right through and around -- we continue with the clouds, by the afternoon partly cloudy and sun. a look at storm tracker two. i have the time l aps e. three hours, the last three this is what has moved through the area, waking up with slick roads still in most cases and we still have light rainfalling along highway 101. monterey street, san martin. this is the end of the system as it continues its trek
and their jobs would go overseas. but they are denying that. the union reached a tentative agreement that will be voted on in the next couple of days. it's expected to pass. >>> 7:39. a lot of rain this morning. grab an umbrella and drive careful. tara, you are seeing a lot of flooded roads. >> that's right. we have a lot of, you know, one to tree feet of water -- to three feet of water. paul avenue southbound, we've had an issthere. 580 westbound at the lakeport avenue. right now we're going to take a live look at the macarthur maze. our bay bridge toll camera is down. you can see all of these folks here trying to get to the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a lot of backup on the east shore freeway. you can see definitely slow going and these are rain- slicked roads. up next, let's take a look at the maps. you can see we have quite a bit of congestion. westbound as well as 680 southbound and then this is really -- this has been like this all morning long, stretching from vallejo down on through the bridge. you can see that we have a lot of gridlock. down at the south bay, at the 28
again, for sal. >> there's been an accident in the union city area. it's causing some delays. there it is right there and 880 northbound at whipple road. it's causing slowdowns and then in the southbound directions as well. up next, we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. you will be sitting in it. i do want to mention that the offramp in san francisco is open. if you need to use it, you can use it. you have to go around. and since most people come from folsom that can be a problem. 7:5. here's5 -- 725. 7:25. >>> there are some breaks in the clouds. it looks like a sunny day once we get the fog bank to burn off. this could be misty conditions, i think most of the low cloud deck has lifted. mostly sunny, breezy at times. we don't have have to worry about any rain for a while. the 7 to 10-day outlook is dry. that means sunshine and probably a wipeout. 60s today for highs. it looks like we're here. thankfully, things were a little busy there. yeah, real busy. >>> there's still some problems because of those recent storms. we'll tell you one peninsula
. >>> dispute between hospital administrators and nurses union is at the heart of a suspected strike. the walkoff will happen at nine hospitals. nurses and x-ray technicians represented by the california nurses association will start the one-day strike on christmas eve. they are upset about staffing levels, het benefits, and sick days. >>> the body of a new that took a prank phone call at the hospital treating kate middleton is now in her native india. she will be taken to an indian church for mass and then to a catholic cemetery for burial. you are looking at video of the memorial service held for her in the uk on friday. she hanged herself on december 7th after being duped by two australian radio dj's pretending to be queen elizabeth and prince charles. >>> police shot and killed a gunman after he opened fire inside a hospital preponderate it happened saturday morning at the st. vincent hot in birmingham. he began shooting as police came off an else i have tar on the hospital -- elevator on the hospital's fifth floor. they are still trying to figure out why that gunman was in the
time. across the bay, southbound 880 heavier from 238 as you drive from union city. let's go to steve. >>> sal, thank you. cold, windy, breezy for some. a few clouds up to the north and also along the coast. there's a lot of cold, unstable air coming down but there's too dry air coming to us. you can see some of that shower activity coming off the north coast. some of that could go right after the -- right off the coast. i think it will be a sunny, cold and breezy day. just so you know it will be very cold tomorrow morning. also frost and freeze warnings have been posted. we'll talk about that coming up more and also on the rain. >>> 7:27. controversy in san mateo over a new 7-11 store. the reason some say that store should be shut down. >> reporter: we're live in concord at the scene of a brazen burglary. we'll tell you what the thief was after and how he did it. >> reporter: we're live in richmond where a house fire severely damages a home here. we spoke with the homeowner who says he's lucky to be alive. we'll have more on that when "mornings on 2" continues. >>> a search is underw
amid great adversity to create a more perfect union." this is the second -- this the second time he's received this award. he received it in 2008. apple's tim cook and yahoo's ceo received the award. >>> rene marsh is in newtown to describe new normal in newtown, connecticut for kids going back to school there and also what is slowing down the investigation. rene? >> reporter: yeah, dave, talk about the new normal, this morning, this the scene we saw. we saw yellow school buses on the main road that goes through this community but on that same road, we also saw a church. the parking lot at that church is filling up with mourners getting ready to bury yet another victim. parents in newtown, connecticut have cautiously sent their children back to school with extra security and counselors onhand. >> i just naturally would love to keep my kids in a bubble but i know you can't live that way. >> reporter: the close-knit community is forever changed because of those 20 children who will never return to class. the investigation continues into what sparked the shooting rampage. adam lanza le
, they say they will walk off the job. union representatives say they haven't had a contract since june. the issues include medical insurance costs, a plan to eliminate paid meal breaks and a proposed wage freeze. >> the port of oakland's maritime director will still be getting a paycheck in the new year even after he resigned because of a financial scandal. james kwon will work as a consultant for seven years next year. he will stay on to help with a transition. some economic reports say they were surprised. >> they need to the truth and tell it fast. somebody else is going to. >> reporter: now, ktvu has learned that kwon will be paid $109 an hour based on his $214,000 salary as the maritime director. >>> it is nine minutes before 8:00. a 15-hour closure on one of the busiest freeways in the east coast. this freeway is normally packed to begin with. the deadly chain reaction crash and the cleanup crews had to do overnight. >>> one family that's homeless feels very grateful this holiday season. they have a place to stay in a crowded homeless shelter in san francisco. why that shelter is
. giving you a beautiful spot of union square. a great day too ice skate and maybe do some shopping. >>> at least two firefighters have been shot while responding to a house fire in new york. it happened shortly before 6:00 eastern time near lake ontario. firefighters were shot as they arrived at the scene. one is said to be in satisfactory condition. >> the other's condition is unknown at this hour. firefighters are not fighting the fire right now because they are waiting for police to finish evacuating the area as they search for a shooter. the fire has now spread to other homes. >>> the bickering continues a week away from the fiscal cliff. talks to try to prevent automatic tax hikes and spending cuts won't resume until thursday. andrew spencer has the very latest. >> reporter: some republican lawmakers says president obama wants the country to fall off the fiscal cliff. >> we were gonna go over the cliff before. we are gonna now because that's what the president wants. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner failed to get enough vote for his plan b on thursday. that would have r
international airport could go on strike as early as tomorrow. the union has been without a contract since july 1st. at issue, medical insurance costs and a proposed wage freeze. the union says there have been promising conversations with airport food and beverage provider. but still, no contract. >>> 8:49. conservation groups just wrapped up a deal for 3300 acres along the crest of the sierra nevada. the 11 million deal to buy royal cross country city resort will block building luxury resorts. >>> we're following developing news out of north korea. the north korean government says it has detained an american citizen who it says has confessed to unses fid crimes. this is the first time -- unspecified crimes. this is the first time they've confirmed arrests about ken ethbay. north korea has -- kenneth bay. north korea has detained other americans in recent years but they were all eventually released. >>> protests in egypt erupted in violence. police fired tear gas in egypt's second largest city. thousands of islamists and opponents hurled rocks and stones is avenue ear other. critics say this --
strike and more than a year after members voted down the last contract. the union is made up of support staff. >> a state board has released a plan to restore the delta to provide a more reliable water supply. the council issued the final draft of its plan yesterday. it includes recommendations like reducing water suppliers dependance on the delta and expanding habitats. the delta currently provides drinking water to two thirds of the state and provides irrigation to five million acres of crops movement japan is handing over five million dollars to the united states to help pay for clean up of tsunami debris. some debris from the tsunami has made it across the ocean, a large dock washed on shore in august and more is expected in the next several years. >> a house in china that stood as a symbol of resistance has been turned down. it sat in the middle of a road. the neighborhood around it was destroyed but the owners refused to sale so the government built the road around the home. in the end the owners agreed to take $41,000 in compensation and the home was torn down. >> it has been
union. as this case proceeds stay with us for continuing coverage because we will follow the arguments before the court and bring you the developments as they happen. >> it was meant to be a rank and turned in to a tragedy. the london nurse pranked by a call from two dj's pretending to be the queen and prince took her life yesterday. coming up the australian radio station is speaking out for the first time. what they have to say. >>> the booster moms will pack up special gift boxes today. the east bay group has been collecting money, food, and other items for their holiday care packages. this morning volunteers will pack everything up into boxes and send to men and women overseas. they are made up of women who have sons and daughter who are veterans or currently serving in the armed forces. >> a consignment company that promises to sell used lucky cars for a fee is missing in action and so are the cars. car owners are worried they lost tens of thousands of dollars. todd parson checked out the company. he got a check when his car sold but the check bounced. >> what happened between f
livermore right here. 580 westbound and also right here, this is 880 southbound, through hayward and union city. up in contra costa county, antioch area, you have that slow going mess here on highway 4 through pittsburg and that's typically the case. all right. up next, we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the traffic is really backed up here. you are gonna need an extra 20 minutes to get into san francisco this morning. 101 in san jose, this actually doesn't look too bad. usually we see a lot of brake lights here. here's steve. >>> thank you, tara. good morning. up into the north bay, lakeville highway, highway 37, some thick fog and that can be really bad there and petaluma, napa, santa rosa. some of the rain totals -- santa rosa, so far, almost 13.50. average is 7.43. san francisco, now remember this number, 7.92. that's what's going down in the books. 9.9 -- 7.92. i don't know what's going on in san jose, 3.91. everybody's over but you can find double -- almost triple the amounts in san jose. this is from mike who keeps awesome records in san francisco. i believe hi
liberties union will challenge plans to use u.s. drone plans. the aclu will argue that it can prove that the sheriff's office would use the drone to spy on people as well. >>> a judge ruled that the first amendment rights of mental health professionals outweigh the concern that the practice is a danger to young people. the law was supposed to take effect on january 1st. but the judge put the law on hold until he can hold a few trial. >>> it is 7:52. two bay area companies are hoping to finance a new study on the nutritional value of organic foods. cliff bar and annie's are supporters of organic foods. now they are putting money into research about how they affect the environment. >>> snickers will soon have few -- smokers will soon have fewer places to light up. last night, the city approved a tough new ban on smoking places. it also expands the current ordinance in petaluma and that ban includes housing unis and -- units and parks. >>> the state is holding millions of dollars but no one has claimed it. the state has about $14 million in tax refunds but they don't have an address to
and then crashed into a fence. it was stolen from the sheet worker's union building last night about 8:15. a gps system in the truck helped the police find it. it was found crashed into a fence on fairway drive. the engine still running but nobody was inside. >>> the family of an east oakland doctor shot and killed outside his home is talking about what happened. he was killed tuesday night as he unloaded groceries from his car. he ran a clinic while also driving a campus bus at stanford. he came to this country from china 12 years ago and had two adult children. >> i can't think of anyone doesn't like him. he walks his dog every day in the community. everybody likes him. he said hi to everybody. >> some of the neighbors at the housing development say they have been worried about their safety since security patrols ended earlier this year. the family will be meeting police later today about that case. >> there is a new push to oust the san francisco sheriff. the board supervisors reinstated him in october after he was suspended for pleading guilty in connection to a domestic violence case. op
so we have a better condition. heading south from haywood to union city you will see slow photograph thick morning as you drive toward fremont. let's go to steve. >> lot of cloud cover, very light rain starting to fall just had a nice tweet from chris. the sunrise along the coast and in the city great. it was orange sky, red sky and even -- dave in crockett said a fine light mist. it's trying. this system, there is not much to it but along the coach, up to hidden valley. some of that trying to turn. maybe mixed precipitation. that's really light stuff and from sanity rosa. you can see that's weak as well. the best opportunity right there for about san francisco to half moon bayh long the coast. even that's pretty weak. cold air is trapped. 30s and 40s on the temperatures i cool day. our system is falling apart. it's here so we will deal with the cloud cover and rain. coast and bay the best opportunity. the high temperatures, very chilly. upper 40s, low 50s. any better opportunity for rain after today? yeah maybe over the weekend but all of the systems arrives weaker by the time it h
back over to union city fremont. still kind of holding on there. in crockett, our observer says the rain has ended. you in the south bay heading to the santa cruz mountains, some rain and then from palo alto, page mill road, and then 17, scotts valley, burden -- boulder creek and thin scruzes. of that helding down -- boulder creek and then santa cruz. some of that heading down. now that this system is going through, that will bring in a very, very cold air mass starting on tuesday and taking news wednesday morning. could be colder than a week ago. 50s and 60s on the highs by but then colder and -- highs but then colder. increasing clouds thursday. rain develops. maybe a showery, cloudy, breezy pattern. and then heavier rain moves in over the weekend. >>> 8:38. more now on our continuing coverage of the deadly school shooting in connecticut. there will be funerals for two of the children. renee marsh is there -- renny marsh is there right now -- rene marsh is there right now. >> reporter: police told us that the investigation is still very much underway. they are still interviewi
. haywood, union city, about to move into san ramone. solano scattered rain to report for this part of the bay area. bulk of the activity in the southern third of the bay area. you can see development out to the west. the yellows and reds, indicating the increase in the rainfall rates san jose to sunnyvale. out toward campbell, blossoo m hill road. increase in the rainfall and the possibility of hail with some thunderstorms. keep that in mind at least in the short term. as far as temperatures, its cool. mainly in the 40s to around 50. santa rosa in 40. haywood 48 and san jose around 46 degrees. forecast for today, cool showers this morning, we will hold on to the chance of showers right on in to the afternoon with temperatures only maxing out in the low to mid50s. yesterday's storm, that cold front, today we have the speckled clouds off shore. that's a signature of cold unstable air and that will sweep in to the area for today. we will hold onto the sun, passing clouds and heavier downpours. here is the forecast model, 10:00 showing you scattered rain showers, it's doing a good job
popular. >>> 7:0, the national hockey league and the nhl players union are back at work trying to save what's left of the hockey season. more than half of the season has already been lost. but the twoside -- but the two sides are scheduled to meet in new york today. sources say the league is helping for a settlement that would allow a 48-game season starting in mid january. league officials are not saying at what point they throw up their hands and cancel the season. >>> 7:20. we'll talk about the weather because it's cold outside. the very last day of 2012, it even looks cold in that picture. meteorologist steve paulson is here to tell you what the weather will be like for those new year's eve celebrations. >>> and signs of appreciation. how 9er fans cheered their team all the way to nfc tight championship title -- nfc championship title. >>> 49er fans could be heard chanting bye as the team clenched the nfc west title at hole yesterday. the 9ers beat the arizona cardinals, 27-13. michael crabtree caught eight passes. there's one of his two touchdowns. this means san francisco will ha
of the union speech next month. she said she is ready for new challenges and wants to spend more timimwith her family. >> a claim of facebook privacy breaches involving the founder's sister. she said she posted a family photograph fortunes on facebook. a woman she said she doesn't know saw it and put it on twitter thinking was a public photograph. she lashed out at the woman and the woman said she thought it was public because it was in her news feed. it turns out the only reason she saw it is because she is friends with another sister tagged in the picture. >>> the yacht commissioned by the late steve job social security free to sail to the united states. the designer said he was owed 4 million and the yacht was impounded. now he said he has reached a settlement. it's still in europe because bad weather is keeping it at the dock. >> a santa cruz biologist said seaports otters eat sea urchins that eat kelp, that means more kelp, that captures more carbon dioxide. he believes if enough grows it could help cool the planet. >>> today in san francisco more than 100 volunteers will take to the st
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